In Western Turkey, to those naïve fools that intend to travel to the South East (Kurdish majority), expect to be met with a concerned warning, or a cry of ‘gecmis olsun’ (may it be behind you). So far, almost without exception, this has been the case. For the last thirty years Turkish history is littered with bombed homes, strewn metal and charred bodies; the products of the army’s war against the seperatist insurgency fought by the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) whose proponents variously argue for constitutional recognition, the same civil rights as the Turks and an autonomous region for the Kurds inside Turkey mirroring Iraqi Kurdistan. All along the wooded road leading to the beachside ruins of Olympus, the newspaper stands scream of the latest atrocity. The front pages are plastered with the same photo of coffins draped in Turkish flags. 13 soldiers killed yesterday in a gunfight in Silvan that also left 7 PKK rebels dead. Just in time for Hillary Clinton’s jet to touch down in Istanbul for an official visit. Rumours abound that PKK have the hear of the Israeli government and are receiving training and support from Mossad…

Looking around Olympus, tourists fluttering past in bikinis and shorts while the Efes flows to the sound of Turkish-influenced rock covers, this would be an ideal potential target to send a message.

Somewhere, Turkish fighter jets are being fuelled for retaliatory strikes.


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